45 Minute Back, Neck/Shoulder Massage. £35

1 Hour Full Body Sports Massage. £45

1 Hour Lava Shell Massage. £50

Myo Master Recovery Pumps. £25


1 Hour Treatment: £50 which includes 

35 minute massage

10 minute use of massage gun

15 minute cupping therapy

1 Hour Treatment: £50 which includes 

40 minute massage

10 minute use of massage gun

10 minute dry needling

80 Minute Treatment: £65 which includes 

40 minute massage

10 minute use of massage gun

10 minute cupping or needling

20 minute Myopumps

Gift Vouchers Available

*Any combination of treatments available on request.


Highly recommend

Husband and I both had a massge before and after tough mudder. Jamie is great, and a very reasonable price.

- Pip M

Jamie is a very kind, polite and professional man. He is amazing at what he does. I've had 2 massages and 1 cupping from him and would recommend him to anyone that needs a sports massage doing. This man is magic with his hands.

- Kayleigh H

Jamie was excellent with his diagnosis and treatment. The massages were superb and I am happy with the results.

- Ben L

Sorted my shoulder right out. Really knowledgeable and great application. Would highly recommend.

- James W

Had my first massage with Jamie, he was really lovely and a great massage. I know its going to hurt more in the days to come but feel so much better already!! Highly recommended!!

- Vicki A

Had my first massage from JS Sports Massage yesterday. Massage to help with back tension and lower back pain left from surgery and cupping. All I can say is WOW!! Feeling the benefits already and I know will help me in the work I do and the hours I spend in an office chair on a daily basis/ Thank you Jamie - great guy providing an amazing service. Definitely using again, highly recommended to all.

- Charlotte W

Had our second massage today and cupping and can highly recommend Jamie, very very good and very professional, works wonders on mine and my hubbys back, feel great after. Thank you.

- Hayleigh P

Very professional and knowledgable. Excellent way to spend an hour, especially if you play a lot of sport. I shall come again!

- Chris O

Jamie Seward is superb at what he does and even helps removal men such as myself keep in "Working Condition". After just a couple of 45 minute sessions he has managed to releive me of the constant pain I was enduring in my lower back and across the shoulders. Can't recommend him highly enough!

- Carlos G

Doing regular treatments at Mortimer football club. Most of the players I just work on for 15 minutes…but having this done weely or fortnightly gives them a much better chance of staying injury free and help them get in optimum shape for their next game.

- Jamie Seward